Oh, sh…(oe)! I forgot my shoe. And other workout frustrations.

shoeless biking

I don't recommend biking without shoes.

I have been working very hard at continuing to maintain my five-day workout plan — despite my injury, my teaching responsibilities and my hectic work-mornings-one-day-work-nights-the-next-and-working-mornings-again schedule.

That means that I still get up at 5 a.m. every morning, even if I didn’t get home from work until 11 the night before — and even if I don’t have to be at work until 2 p.m. later.

It’s tough. Trying to keep my body clock on its regular schedule while I fill in some gaps until I can hire a Web producer is physically and mentally exhausting.

Take yesterday, for example.

I grabbed my gym bag, popped on my snow boots, dug out the car and headed to the gym. I swiped my card and started walking to the locker room — proud that I had once again woken up on schedule to tackle the crazy day ahead of me.

Halfway to the locker room, I stopped in my tracks. “Sh**,” I said out loud as I looked down at my feet. “I forgot my gym shoe.”

(Ha. That’s not a typo, I have to wear my fun little stress fracture boot, which I remembered for some reason, on one foot and a gym shoe on the other.)

I stood in that spot a little too long as I tried to calculate as quickly as possible (using my un-caffeinated brain) the benefits of cutting into 20 minutes of my workout time to go home to get my shoe and head back.

There were none. I decided to bike sans shoe (which the gym probably frowns upon).

My barefoot, er sockfoot, workout was not an insignificant one. I biked 45 minutes at level 15 (that’s pretty decent resistance), with varying hills and I made a goal of keeping my RPMs above 80 on the climbs and as high as possible for the flats.

It was a good ride – I went about 14 miles – and I was feel pretty good about my prospects of continuing to get in shape while injured.

Until today, that is.

Despite the fact that I again got up for a bootcamp I can’t fully participate in, I did my biking, my rowing splits, my lifting, my squats and my core work.

I was in high spirits looking toward my doctor appointment today at 1 p.m.

And when I got on the scale for my Friday weigh in, and it said I had gained a pound, my spirits crashed.

When I got to work and Geoff asked how I was doing, I am embarrassed to say I let a few tears out. I am terrified that this injury isn’t healing, isn’t going to heal well, and if it does, that it won’t do so in time. I have a lot of runs – Shamrock Shuffle (March 21; probably out), Soldier Field 10-miler (May 29), Chicago 13.1 (June 13) – planned leading up to my debut marathon in October. And if I can’t train properly for it, I shouldn’t run it either.

I’m struggling to try to keep a positive attitude.


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5 responses to “Oh, sh…(oe)! I forgot my shoe. And other workout frustrations.

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  2. We’re in the same boat. I haven’t been able to run for five weeks because of my calcaneal (heel) fracture. I’ve been confined to an air boot for four weeks and crutches for three. I return to the doctor on April 8.

    Like you, I’ve been working out four to five times a week, mostly biking in one shoe and in one sock. I haven’t been biking at the same intensity level as you. I think I’m going to have to step it up a notch tonight at the gym. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Good catch, mamacita! It’s fixed. And thanks for the advice. I will deal with saying buh-bye to running if need be. I’m working back from the injury the right way this time. I promise!

  4. Mom

    Well, well, well. Nice little blog you have here. However, a note to the editor – you have a typo in your very first sentence. I feel your pain………but because you are a part of me and my strength, I expect nothing less from you than to continue the path you have started. If at some point you cannot continue, then deal with it. It is what it is girl. I would rather know that you did not run and healed properly than to find out you screwed up your limbs for the rest of your life. You can keep exercising for fitness instead of running. Most likely your injuries happen due to your hectic schedule & little to no sleep. This makes a person off balance and tipsy. Maybe you should just bike your way through life from now on. Love you, M