Under the knife again? I sure hope not.


My doctor shows me a digital X-ray of my foot during my initial diagnosis.

It seems my injuries may just come full circle. The laundry list of ailments all started with plantar fasiitis in my right foot, and, well, it just might end up there again.

On Tuesday I headed to my foot doctor, three weeks after my stress fracture diagnosis. I got to ditch the walking cast I’d had for a week and the stiff-soled little boot I’d had the whole time. I would walk out of the office that day with new orthotics slipped in my Sauconys.

The doctor said I should come back in two weeks, so we can do an X-ray to see if the fractured bone had indeed healed.

But before I headed out the door, he told me that if the pain didn’t go away during this time, I’d have to undergo an MRI or ultrasound to see if I had torn my plantar plate.

According to Christine Dobrowolski — a podiatrist who is not treating me, but who blogs about foot ailments — plantar plate tears are caused by traumatic injuries, which results “in immediate pain and swelling to the ball of the foot and destabilization of the joint.”

I’m nervous, because my foot has been more sore the last few days. Well, actually, since Tuesday when I got the new orthotics. The soreness could certainly be from my foot adjusting to that new prescription. Or, it could be something else — like the plantar plate tears.

In a post about plantar plate tears, Dobrowolski said conservative treatment for that ailment includes taping, rigid shoes, orthotics and physical therapy.

What does that mean, exactly? It means if my problem isn’t related to my stress fracture healing, I might be headed back to the operating table, because I have already tried all of those.

Can I get an emphatic, “Ugh!” please? (And happy thoughts that I’m just paranoid and not hurt further?!)


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2 responses to “Under the knife again? I sure hope not.

  1. Alyssa

    BUMMER! So sorry to hear about the stress fracture! Having to lay low is the worst, you mentioned that your trainer told you that water running might be something you can do? It looks super goofy, but it is low impact and a super workout!