How to jack up your iPod

Homemade waterproof mp3 player

A homemade waterproof mp3 player is a sure fire way to waste money.

(Update: I let the iPod dry overnight and it worked fine this morning. After I told someone at work that, she told me about this nifty trick: Place wet electronics in a bowl of dry rice. It soaks the liquid right up.)

The original headline to this post was going to be, “How to make your iPod waterproof at home.” Since that’s not the headline, you can guess what I’m about to write:

I jacked up my iPod this morning.

All it took was a Ziploc sandwich bag, some packing tape and an iPod shuffle. (Make sure you use an iPod shuffle. You really don’t want to jack up a more expensive version of Apple’s famed mp3 player.)

So if you, too, are a smart person who has a Master’s degree from a prestigious university like Northwestern, follow these simple steps to jack up your very own iPod:

  • be angry that the waterproof mp3 player you bought sucks, pack it up in the middle of the night and send it back to Amazon
  • get up before the sun rises
  • realize that (oh crap!) you don’t have music for your aqua jogging
  • skip your coffee
  • be frustrated about an injury that’s keeping you from participating in the sport you love
  • stick your iPod shuffle in said Ziploc sandwich baggie (make sure the headphones stick out a corner)
  • close the baggie as far as you can
  • wrap some packing tape around the headphone cord, and what the heck? Tape the top of the bag with it as well
  • when you get to the gym, shove that baggie contraption in your swimsuit since it doesn’t have an armband
  • submerge yourself in water

… And voila! You’ll get about 20 seconds into your groove when the sound will shut off.

If you’re into tricking yourself, you’ll probably spend your workout thinking about how you must not have charged the battery. When you get back on dry land, and from la la land, you’ll discover that there’s chlorinated pool water inside that “water tight” bag.

F. My. Injury. It’s made me loony tunes.


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