Shamrock Shuffle goal: Don’t hurt others

Chicago’s running season unofficially kicks off Sunday with the Shamrock Shuffle. About 36,000 runners are expected to participate.

I will not be one of them (stupid stress fracture).

This year I’m doing something different: Instead of stubbornly running through the pain, I will be volunteering with my friends at Fleet Feet Chicago.

The weather is supposed to be cold and slushy (see the forecast from my co-worker and Shamrock Shuffle runner Amy Freeze.) And I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting water at Mile 1 where dozens of my new friends and I will be handing out cups. However, hand out cups I will!

As the date draws closers, I’m having visions of me being Kramer and some poor sap taking a cup of coffee from me, thinking it’s water instead.

So if you see a volunteer wearing a Shamrock Shuffle bib with the numbers scratched out and “Follow @fmyinjury on Twitter” scrawled in thick black marker, maybe¬† you take a cup from the person standing to her left or right.

Kidding aside — stop by the first mile water stop and say hi. I will do my very best not to hurt you.


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2 responses to “Shamrock Shuffle goal: Don’t hurt others

  1. Mary

    I will most definitely stop by – thirsty or not!