Stress fracture = gone. MRI = on its way.

Reading about the foot in Runner's World magazine at the doctor Tuesday.

It has been five weeks since my stress fracture was officially diagnosed. Five weeks of low-impact work outs. Of immobilizing shoes. And of pain and mishaps.

So why, when I went to my podiatrist last night and he told me that an X-Ray revealed that my stress fracture had healed, did I end up crying softly to myself in the bathroom after my appointment?

Because my foot still hurts. Inexplicably, it seems.

My new orthotics are hitting my feet the way they should. The immobilizing techniques we employed should have stopped any flare-ups of capsulitis from rearing its ugly head. And my second toe bone is once again crack-free.

To get to the bottom of the issue, the good ‘ol doc has ordered an MRI (magnetic resonance image). It’s better than an X-Ray to view what else could be going wrong in my foot, because it allows the doctor to see soft tissue.

He’s got someone from his office calling my insurance company to get the MRI pre-approved. Let’s hope they say yes.

He also told me to get new shoes, just in case mine weren’t fitting right. I obliged and dropped $140 on a pair of Asics. That just irritates me, because I’m not running in these fancy pants new running shoes. I’m hobbling around. Bleh.

I am so over being hurt.


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4 responses to “Stress fracture = gone. MRI = on its way.

  1. I’m telling ya… All you need are great daily foot massages from a hottie.

  2. Thanks Brady! I didn’t need an MRI right away, because the X-Ray did show my stress fracture. And, as you point out, it’s one heck of an expensive test, so we left it out since we didn’t seem to need it.

    Expensive lesson learned indeed.

    Hope you get well soon too!

  3. I feel like the March issue of Runners’ World was written just for us — packed with information on injuries, especially foot injuries. Oh how I love that magazine!

    I’m not a doctor, but I’m surprised you didn’t have an MRI to begin with. Or did you? I had an X-ray and an MRI when I first saw the sports medicine specialist at UIC about my heel. The MRI showed the stress fracture; the X-ray didn’t. I have a CT scan on April 6 — almost six weeks after being on crutches and seven weeks in the air boot — to determine whether the fracture healed. And no, I’m not made of money:) I have health insurance, but it doesn’t provide the best coverage. Between the doc visits, tests, physical therapy and new shoes (as soon as I’m healed!), I’m looking at an expensive lesson learned.

    I hope you are running pain-free soon! Hang in there!