Hello doc, goodbye cast! What now?

This is the face of a woman who had a good visit at the podiatrist.

After my big doctor appointment today, I headed home, had dinner, did some chores and cut my toenails. I was lucky I didn’t cut myself — it was very odd to not have feeling in my third and fourth toes.

I couldn’t feel that small area on my right foot, because my doctor injected me with a medicine to kill the tip of my pinched nerve. (That numbness will only last about 24 hours.)

First, though, the good news that came out of our meeting:

  1. No more cast;
  2. No more fracture shoe;
  3. No more broken bones;
  4. and I got to resume wearing my orthotic and my sneaker on my right foot.

The bad news:

  1. My nerve is still pinched, a result from the inflammation caused by the two stress fractures.
  2. Since the nerve hadn’t settled down in the course of several months, it wasn’t going to get better with a simple steroid shot.
  3. I have a right shoe that looks brand-new (I’ve got some dirty work to do!).

My doctor injects my foot with medicine to calm down the neuroma.

The next course of treatment, the good doc told me, is normally surgery to remove the nerve. But he said he preferred to do a simple injection of medicine that would kill a small portion of the nerve. He said most patients see relief after one shot, and others do quite well after a second round seven to 10 days later.

If the neuroma doesn’t clear up after this round or a possible second (I have an appointment scheduled next week just in case), the next step is surgery.

But let’s forget about the surgery. That’s a big “if.”

Here’s what the not-so-distant future holds:

  1. I can one day run again.
  2. I can now add the elliptical to my workout routine.
  3. If I can get better by June, it’s still possible to run the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 10.
  4. Next week, if the neuroma is calmed down, I can start walking on the treadmill (yippee!)

After a supportive tweet from my Twitter friend Brady, @bgervais, who wanted to know how the appointment went ASAP, I decided to “live-tweet” it. Below is a recap of how my appointment went down. Thanks to everyone for your support!

  1. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury Will my #triathlon dreams come true? My dr appt’s in an hour. We’ll see…! I hope so, it’s keeping me going. BLOG: http://bit.ly/cfCVkA
  2. Brady Gervais
    bgervais @fmyinjury The suspense! Keep your loyal followers posted! And best of luck!
  3. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury @bgervais I will! Sitting in dr offc lobby now… Hmmm maybe I should live-tweet my appt? Lol
  4. Alek Babel
    alekbabel @fmyinjury @bgervais I think your doctor would like the publicity :)
  5. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury Nowin the little exam room w/ bare feet. Dr on his way in. Need to ask about #barefoot #running!
  6. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury Bye, bye cast and fracture shoe!!!! But I am getting an injection for my pinched nerve.
  7. Kirsten Miller
  8. Alek Babel
    alekbabel @fmyinjury I guess as long as you think they do a good job…
  9. Brady Gervais
    bgervais @fmyinjury Sweet! I hope the injection doesn’t hurt, though! Ouch.
  10. Barefoot Michael
  11. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury Getting a shot to kill my neuroma. I deserve a medal 4 being able to snap a pic w/ needle in my foot! http://twitpic.com/1n11bc
  12. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury This hurt #runner is happy as a clam to be wearing TWO shoes! http://twitpic.com/1n11jl
  13. Daniel E. Malinski
    cubicledad @fmyinjury yay! that’s really cool!!!
  14. Brady Gervais
    bgervais @fmyinjury Are those new shoes? They’re smokin’!
  15. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury @bgervais sort of. They were new when the 2nd fracture was diagnosed. So I need to get the right one dirty!!!!
  16. Kirsten Miller
  17. Brady Gervais
    bgervais @fmyinjury Ha. I know what that’s like. I bought two pairs of shoes before I could wear the right shoe. Your running shoes look really cool.
  18. Connie
  19. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury @MarathonMissfit Thank you so much! It’s such a wonderful feeling :)
  20. Kirsten Miller
    fmyinjury @bgervais thanks. they’re just regular old asics. I got ’em @fleetfeetchgo.

Oh! And I did remember to ask the doctor about running barefoot.

He said he thinks it’s a bad idea, as humans we’ve evolved too much to have that make sense for our bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. And he credited Julius Ceasar’s implementation of heels on shoes with helping the Romans win wars because they supported the achilles tendon and allowed warriors to walk far for long periods of time.

He said, “It’s just a fad.”

Something to think about.

For now, I’m just happy to have a foot that doesn’t hurt — even if it is a little numb for the next 24 hours.


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3 responses to “Hello doc, goodbye cast! What now?

  1. Tal

    I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you on the return to shoes today! Glad to hear the doc said barefoot running is just a fad…It sounded painful.
    And I see someone really likes Blackbird Pie :)
    We’ll have to throw a back on the treadmill party when you start walking.

  2. Brady

    I already thought we had a few things in common (fractures, running, journalism). Not to get all weird, but my husband shares something in common with you: a neuroma. Ouch.

    He got a shot about a month before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro last July. It still bugs him on occasion. He has to be extra careful to wear the correct shoes. He also has the widest feet I’ve ever seen in my life. Think “Big Foot.”

    • Ha. Stalker. LOL.

      In all seriousness, it is pretty painful. I was certainly surprised. And today, post-shot, it hurts more than it ever did.

      Glad to know you through these social media means. Looking forward to one day cheering, running or biking with you!