Top 5 reasons to pack your gym back the night BEFORE working out

I strive to be as organized as this person is with their gym bag. I fail miserably. (credit: athena,

I am forgetful. I blame my work. Being employed in the interactive media industry has made me ADD (it’s true, ask the New York Times).

I’ve also been known to forget key items when packing for the gym.

No one knows this better than a dear friend of mine, who once received an early-morning panicked phone call from me, while standing in my gym locker room, ready for work… sans bra. That friend was so great to pop by my condo and drive my bra to me at the gym on the way to work, and give me a ride (I had a very important meeting).

That near-miss floppy scenario left me scarred; so much so that I vowed to never just toss some crap in a bag and head to the gym again.

Fast forward to a recent morning, when I grabbed my pre-packed backpack. I had planned to swim after work that day, but thankfully glanced at the pool schedule before heading out. The pool wasn’t open for lap swim until after 6 p.m. — well after the time I’d planned to be there.

So I tossed some shoes, shorts, a top and a sports bra in the bag and headed off to work, thinking I’d take a spin class instead.

And now… here are my top five reasons why you should always pack your bag and plan your workout at least 24 hours ahead of time.

If you don’t plan, you’ll:

5. … end up wearing shorts that are too big for you. They’ll have paint on them. They’ll fall off your butt every time you stand up on the spin bike.

4. … take the wrong socks. While not tube socks, they’ll be longer than the “invisible” length ones you like. And they look really stupid with aqua shoes.

3. … pack the wrong shoes. Instead of gym shoes, you’ll pack aqua-running shoes. They don’t feel so hot on a spin bike.

2. … grab the wrong sports bra. It’ll be too big. You’ll, uh, bounce around.

1. … end up looking like you’re off to mow the lawn (and get weird looks from people).

I still did spin. And I was very happy when they turned out the lights.


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4 responses to “Top 5 reasons to pack your gym back the night BEFORE working out

  1. kris

    Oh yeah.. I hear ya.
    I’ve forgotten deoderant and/or mascara (hello, Walgreens!) worn boots without socks all day, and had to stretch/lift weights in flip flops instead of doing cardio in gym shoes. I’m still “refining” my gym bag of tricks and contingencies.. (backup set of underwear in the inside gym bag pocket).

  2. Charles

    I have a bag with everything all the time and will wear what I am going to run in uder my clothes. Good runwear should be good swimwear underwear and sleepwear.

  3. Tiffany

    This might possibly be the best post I’ve ever read. I will always remember to bring the right workout wear. Haha! This just made my night.