Aches, pains, soreness, stiffness? They make pills for that, you know.

When did I become an old lady -- using a pillbox to keep track of all my vitamins?

My grandparents were of the mindset that a pill could fix whatever ailed them. In fact, they used to have a huge drawer in the kitchen that held nothing but Costco-sized bottles of pills. How they kept them all straight, I’ll never know.

I have never really been into taking a pill for every little thing. After my hip surgery in May of 2009, my mom had to force the drugs down my throat. And even then, I only took the painkillers for 24 hours.

See where I’m going with this?

In fact, I thought all pills were the same — drugs and vitamins were interchangeable to me.

It wasn’t until after the stress fracture/bursitis fiasco of Jan. 2010 that I agreed to start taking vitamins (and that’s only because my doctor urged me to). I started slow — vitamin D with highly-absorbable calcium — you know, for bone strength.

Then there was fish oil and a multivitamin for good measure. Being in my 30s now, it just seemed time to start, I supposed. I mean, I was already taking “drugs” to strengthen my bones. What were a couple more?

But it wasn’t until two days ago that I started taking glucosamine. It was an impulse buy at Whole Foods. I walked through the supplements aisle on the way to the dog food, when I thought, “isn’t there a pill that’s supposed to help joints?”

You see, after my 12-mile run on Sunday, my feet again were sore. Achy. Almost painful to walk on. And while I contemplated going back for another magical massage that made my feet feel like they’d never been in pain in the first place — realistically I can’t afford to run to the massage therapist over every little thing.

So back to my new “drug” glucosamine. It’s commonly used by arthritis sufferers, because it allegedly (I say allegedly because the FDA hasn’t approved the statement) decreases inflammation in joints.

And by God I am a believer. My feet hurt so damn bad on Monday morning. And here I am 24 hours later, with no pain in sight.

I may not take painkillers or other drugs, but I just might start popping by the vitamin aisle from time to time to stock back up on my new favorite wonder drug.

What vitamins do you take that you find helpful as an athlete?


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2 responses to “Aches, pains, soreness, stiffness? They make pills for that, you know.

  1. I completely agree. I’ve been increasingly popping vitamins and supplements over the last year. All the while avoiding painkillers for everything but the occasional bad headache. I’ve even started successfully fighting headaches initially with water, because usually I’m just dehydrated. Oh how I wish I could get a 90 minute massage every week.