What do I do with my sweaty helmet hair after biking to work?

There are plenty of headbands to pick from when working out. But what about afterward?

The weather has finally started to warm up a bit, and it’s dawned on me that I told myself I’d start biking to work once Mother Nature gave me her blessing. But I’m in a bit of a hair pickle.

Here are the facts:

I’ve got a lot of work outs to get in with all this Ironman 70.3 training; biking to work is a great way to just toss some base miles into the mix.

I do my best to only have to wash my hair once a day. Sometimes I have to get creative when I do work outs to make sure I don’t look or smell disgusting (i.e., dry my sweaty hair and flat iron it again, spray perfume on my brush and comb it through my locks).

I have very long, very thick, very curly hair. Some might say I’ve been blessed with these things. I say I’m cursed. There’s a lot of maintenance involved in getting it under control and actually looking all right each day.

I’m growing my hair out for my wedding. I have a very specific way I’d like it styled that day. And then after the honeymoon, I’m chopping it off. It’s too bad I can’t chop it off now while I’m in all this training, but that’s just my lot in life ;)

My hair is already taking a beating from the pool. I can’t have it look disgusting on top of dry and brittle.

So you can imagine the fear of being gross at work now that the weather in Chicago has become hot and humid. My hair doesn’t stand a chance.

So…. while I’ve never been much of a hat person (outside baseball caps), I’m considering my options. Do I get a fedora? Do I stock up on headbands? Do I use dry shampoo each day when I get to the office?

What’s a girl to do?

The That’s Fit blog has listed a bunch of quick-fix hair accessories, and I think I’ll try the Athleta Pilayo braid headband they suggest.

But I need to know from my fellow long-locked athletes — how do I still look professional after sweating in humid weather while cycling to work? Please share any tips and advice you can offer. Thanks!


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4 responses to “What do I do with my sweaty helmet hair after biking to work?

  1. HEY THERE ! I just saw this – sorry for the delay!! GOSH, you have to ask about HAIR? How about nutrition or pacing or mental toughness or race strategies? HAHA…Hair? I GOT NOTHING for ya. :)) good luck!!

    • Ha. I know it sounds vain. But I’m trying to squeeze miles in when I’d normally be on the train. And, well, I don’t wanna look like I just worked out all day ;) Thanks for weighing in!

  2. Sue

    Try bumble and bumble hair powder. Spray it on, then brush it though. It should get rid of that stuck-to-your-forehead look. You just need to make sure it matches your color.