Stupid is as stupid does: My stupidest injury to date

Doing jumping jacks to stay warm during a pit stop along Bike the Drive. Stupid.

Usually my injuries are just dumb luck. The one I have now is because I was just plain dumb.

Bike the Drive 2011 was particularly chilly this year, and our little one was cold. To warm her up, we did jumping jacks.

Lots of jumping jacks.

And what was I wearing on my feet? Cycling shoes.

I didn’t think anything of this until my right foot started to ache Sunday afternoon. And it got worse Monday.

I figured it was from carrying the kiddo about a mile in my stocking feet — maybe I stepped wrong and strained my foot.

But when I told Jason about my foot pain yesterday, he pointed out that doing jumping jacks in hard cycling shoes was probably the culprit (and not so smart).

And it totally makes sense. My foot hurts on the outside, across from my arch; in exactly the spot my foot would continually smack the side of my shoe if I were (ahem) doing dozens of jumping jacks.

Now my foot continues to hurt. I’m limping when I walk. And it’s uncomfortable no matter what kind of shoe I have on it.

The pain continues to worsen today. It might be time for a doctor’s visit. Dear God, if I actually hurt myself enough to have to take time off of training for doing jumping jacks, I’m going to lose it.

Does anyone else have a “stupid injury” story, or am I all alone in my lack of brain power when it comes to keeping myself injury-free?


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3 responses to “Stupid is as stupid does: My stupidest injury to date

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  2. Mark

    I once decided that I really had to prune a branch off a small tree that was just a bit too high to reach with my pole pruner. Actually, it was also a bit too high to reach with my pole pruner and a step ladder. But I could reach it with my pole pruner and the step ladder, if I went all the way to the top of the ladder (you know, where it says “not a step”). As the blade of the saw severed the branch, the pole kicked back at me a bit, and I lost my balance. As I started to fall through the air–onto a brick patio with a pole saw and tree branch coming down on top of me–it occurred to me that this was perhaps not a great idea. I got out of it with a badly bruised hip, but it was incredibly stupid.

    My intense fear of road rash has mostly saved me from similar moments on my bike, but I’m sure I’ll manage one someday.

  3. Tal

    That sucks! I’m sorry :(
    My stupid injury? The only time I sprained my ankle really good was at an ultimate tournament, which sounds legit. The problem is I sprained my ankle stepping off the curb funny while carrying my stuff out of the hotel Sunday morning on the way to the fields. To add insult to injury (ha!), we only had 1 sub for the weekend, so I taped it up thinking it wasn’t that bad and played the whole day.
    When 10 days later it was still swollen and I decided it needed rest, it took a full 2 months of nothing on it before I could start to run again.
    Glad to hear the little one wants to try again and hope that you’re feeling better soon!