Nighty night. Sometimes you just gotta get in a run when you can.

The dog and I pause for a photo during our night-time run.

More than once I’ve driven along Lake Shore Drive after 9 p.m. and, seeing a few runners scattered about the path, wondered, “Who are these crazy people? Don’t they know it’s almost bed time?”

That was before tonight, obviously, when I was one of those crazies.

And, the irony is, I’m sure people have seen me out trudging through the snow, wind and ice in 12-degree temps and wondered what the heck I was thinking, too.

I digress.

Tonight I figured out who these “crazy” runners are. They’re people just like me. People who:

  • work 12-hour days;
  • after working 18-hour days;
  • work in a consulting capacity;
  • make deals with their office roomie that they’ll both run that night (because nobody likes to eat crow in the morning)

Oh no, did I give too much away?

You caught me. I just described myself. But I gotta tell you — I almost didn’t become a night time runner tonight. I was perfectly happy laying on the couch lamenting how lazy I was being while watching The Biggest Loser. I gave up on myself and didn’t think getting out the door at 9 p.m. was doable.

I even tweeted my office roomie @jennsutherland that “I let us down” and didn’t keep my end of the pact intact. She tweeted me that the night wasn’t over, it was 70 degrees out, and I should get my butt out the door. Just the kick in the pants I needed!

“You know what? You’re damn right,” I tweeted back.

And then I threw on my gear, grabbed the dog and headed out the door… just in time for it to start raining. Ha! I’m glad it started to rain, though. I’ve gone soft recently. I forgot what it’s like to be hard core, and head out for a run No. Matter. What.

I’m glad I remembered tonight. Thank you, Jenn, for helping me get there!

And while I have your eyeballs… please notice in the photo above that the dog is aglow in red flashing light. My bike light attaches to her leash, easy cheesy. I also make sure to light up myself with an armband blinking light. If you’re running in the dark — even if you’re wearing white — you must wear a light. I cannot tell you how hard it is to see runners on the path in the dark, whether biking, running or walking. It’s just an extra layer of personal protection. And it’s so easy to do…! LIGHT UP!

Playing Catch-Up

I didn’t used to be lazy. That was when I was training for a half Ironman triathlon, before I got hurt (this most recent time) in May, and before I got so down in the dumps I couldn’t even blog about it. It was also before I got in a car accident in June, started a new job in July, fought to squeeze in physical therapy during lunch, and before I got married this fall.

[PS: If you didn’t catch it in this ^ paragraph, I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the earth. I’ll do better. Starting now.]

All these things piled right on top of the other, and, before I knew it, here I am at the end of October, finally able to run 30 minutes straight again. But now I’m back and I’ve written myself a training plan through the end of Jan. 2012.

Stay tuned for training updates. My friends at F^3 events have kindly made me a race ambassador for this year’s F*cking Freezing Frozen Half Marathon — which was my first half marathon ever last year — and I’m excited to share in the adventure with you all.

More to come on that soon, when the CARA Winter Half Marathon Training kicks off…!


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