Ugh. The Mrs. Me is injury-prone too (Hot Chocolate 5/15K race report).

Two reasons to celebrate: 1. Chocolate. 2. I made it to the finish, narrowly missing another running injury.

I had high hopes for Kirsten Ankenbrand’s first run. Her first race was the Hot Chocolate 5K — a short one, because, well, she’s a new runner and the maiden version of herself was still working back up in mileage after May’s injury.

Anywho, I figured that as a person with a whole different name, I’d be a whole different runner.

I was wrong.

I had my maiden self’s corralled start (nice!) and was cruising right along, when I took my eye off the road. About a quarter mile into the run, I saw this guy zigging and zagging through the crowd, so I started to pay attention to the people around me instead of watching the road.

The second I finished thinking “This guy’s going to cause me to fall,” I stepped in a pothole or something… and rolled my ankle.

Ow! Instant pain.

Thinking back to my seasoned-runner-ness of my maiden days (makes it seem like I’ve been married for years, instead of 45ish days), I limped over the side so as not to become roadkill.

I took out  my earphones, called out “F—!” and reached for my phone to call my hubby who was spectating my married runner debut to tell him that I was done.

But then — like magic! — within a minute the pain went away and I stopped limping.

So I walked along a bit, and it continued to feel fine. So I took a few running steps. Still fine. Figuring that I’d be in some sort of pain if I were hurt, I decided to stay in the race. I did tighten my laces, though, just in case my feet had too much room in my shoes.

Several hours after crossing the finish line, I still feel great.

Here’s to hoping the Mrs. me has better luck staying healthy than the Miss Me.

PS: The Hot Chocolate 5/15K race was way better this year. I did the 15K last year, and it was a crowded nightmare, squeezing people onto the lakefront path, without starting us in waves. This year I did the 5K and it went in waves along city streets. Well done, RAM. I still hate the Union Station packet pick up, because I live in the city and both loathe and fear suburbanites ;) , but I understand why you have it there.


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6 responses to “Ugh. The Mrs. Me is injury-prone too (Hot Chocolate 5/15K race report).

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  3. Melanie

    total stranger here — by I am an injury prone runner myself and also got hurt at this years 15k chocolate race! I was perfectly fine until mile 5/5.5 — then BAM! Just like that I had intense pain in my left foot. now it’s swollen and I can hardly walk – was told it’s tendonitis of the tendons that go between the ankle and heel. Good times.

    • Hi total stranger! :)
      I’m sorry to hear that you got hurt. Have you talked to a doctor? If not, I can certainly recommend one. I go to the Chicago Running Institute and see Dr. Chin. He’s amazing. Really listens. (and no, I am not paid to send people to him. I just feel that it’s important to see a good doctor. And I’ve seen a LOT of doctors, so I feel like I know when one’s good!!)

  4. Tal

    Glad you had a good race. I loved the course this year for the 15k!