How to keep your spouse happy when you’re training all the time

After this week's long run, I made the hubby and I homemade lattes.

I don’t want to say my husband (fiance at the time) was glad I got hurt while training for the Racine 70.3 Ironman triathlon earlier this year. But I do think he was glad to get our time together back.

Endurance training takes up a lot of time. A lot of that training time eats into our couple time.

At the height of my training in May I was either running, cycling, swimming or some combo of two or all three sports six days a week. That didn’t leave much time for this betrothed couple who, it could be argued, should have been spending all our spare time¬†canoodling ;).

My hubby is very supportive. I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying otherwise. I’m a lucky girl who’s man enjoys spending time with her, so he can get frustrated when I’m training a lot (and then sleeping a lot thanks to crazy early hours and a body that’s just often pooped).

After my terrible performance at this year’s Olympic distance Chicago Triathlon — it took me 4:35+ to finish thanks to being out of shape due to injury, and only being cleared to run/walk the run — I had exactly zero desire to double the bike and run legs to do a half Ironman. In fact, during the bike, I kept wondering out loud to myself, “How the hell would I possible double this?!”

It was unlikely that what I’ll call our “couple training fatigue” was going to become an issue.

Well, now I’ve got the itch again.

Thanks to our wacky Thanksgiving holiday schedules, my half marathon long-run training partner today was Kimberley Stedman, F^3 Half Marathon/5K race director. She and I logged six miles together and talked about our common goal of wanting to do a half Ironman tri after rocking the F^3 even in January. We’ve pretty much nailed it down to one event in June.

Talking to her over the course of the last couple of weeks during our Winter Half Marathon Training has really gotten me excited about doing a 70.3 race.

The hubby isn’t thrilled that I want to do a half Ironman. He knows it’s a bucket list thing for me, and he’s supportive, but he told me he’s not going to put any of his plans on hold (whether it’s morning coffee or heading to friends’) while I’m off training for hours on end.

Fair enough. I respect that. The same way he respects that this is just something I need to do for myself.

So… how exactly do I keep him happy when I’m training all the time?

  • I do nice things for him.
  • I’ve taken the car to get the tires rotated.
  • Today I made him a hazelnut latte when I got back from my run.
  • And I try to work my training around our couple plans. (On Thanksgiving Day that meant getting up extra early so I could get a run in before we headed to the in-laws’)
  • I make time for us that isn’t worked around training.

Open to other ideas, if you’ve got ’em!
(Heads up regarding comments: I will delete any sort of sexual innuendo. Keep it clean, please. Thanks!)


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7 responses to “How to keep your spouse happy when you’re training all the time

  1. Hubby

    The copy of Madden ’12 your mother picked up for your husband may be the best training tool you have.

  2. candicepeak

    Such a cute mug!

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  4. Hi,
    Well, there is a saying (I don’t remember from which country, probably form Italy … ), that love goes through the stomach. I know you might not have much time, but prepare him at times something really nice to eat.

    It doesn’t have to be something elaborate, or it can be something you buy somewhere else … Something you know he likes, or surprise him with something new …


    • Hi Chris — so true! That’s a great idea! This past weekend I made him my own little version of huevos rancheros and I didn’t hear any complaints that my run went longer that I had planned!! :)