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A whole new meaning to ‘boot’ camp

Walking around my house after hitting the gym for the first time since my stress fracture diagnosis.

Since I visited the foot doctor last Wednesday and found out I have a stress fracture, I’ve been worried about maintaining my fitness level and staying motivated in my new lifestyle habits.

I headed to the gym for the first time on Friday for bootcamp, wearing — what else? — my boot.

Due to my need to restrict my foot from bending as much as possible, and to refrain from putting a lot of pressure on it, I had to modify the routine a bit:

  • I biked instead of ran to warm up;
  • While everyone else was running lines, I was doing planks and bicycle crunches;
  • When others lunged I squatted (because proper form means you keep your weight on your heels);
  • And I did dead lifts, rows, bicep curls, presses and a variety of other arm strength training instead of high-impact exercises.

But what I was most proud of, what I knew could help me keep my fitness level up (and, gasp, maybe increase it) during this injury recovery phase… happened when the rest of the boot-campers ran lines at the end.

I said to my trainer, “Give me something to do.”

“You’re injured,” he said. “Rest.”

I shook my head. “I can bike and I can row. Give me something to do.”

He knew I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. (And I’m not crazy; I wouldn’t have done it if it hurt.) So he told me if I could do four 500 meter splits in under two minutes and 35 seconds, he’d be happy.

Well, I did them in: 2:27, 2:28, 2:30 and 2:31.

And then, when I was done, sweaty and feeling really proud of myself — I stepped on the scale and was down another 2.5 pounds.

That brings my weight loss total to 10.88 pounds. And boy did I need that pick-me-up after the previous week’s weigh in.

It has kept me motivated to eat well, keep going to the gym. (I have since headed to spin class and Monday morning bootcamp.)

And today I did those rowing splits in 2:14, 2:10, 2:10 and 2:10!!!


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One step forward, two steps back

At my second day of bootcamp Friday, I hurt my back about 15 minutes in. It was unpleasant.

I had run the mile warmup, done the walking lunges across the basketball court and was almost finished with my frog jumps when I landed and all of a sudden couldn’t stand back up.

I walked it off. Or so I thought.

I continued through the workout, lifting weights and all that jazz. But by the end, I couldn’t run the sprints. And so I opted to do ab work while everyone else ran their brains out. I could barely get up off the floor.

After heading to the chiropractor Friday, pain killers, muscle relaxers, ice, jacuzzi time and plenty of good old fashioned rest, I am still shuffling around and sitting/standing back up like I’m nine months pregnant.

I skipped the bootcamp class today. It’s every Monday and Friday morning from 6 to 7. But I still went to the gym: I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes and spent another 15 in the jacuzzi, followed by 15 minutes of ice.

I’m headed to the chiropractor again today — I hope to be in good enough share to at least be able to bend over or sit properly. Fingers crossed.

Until I’m fully recovered, though, I’ll continue to take it easy and walk on the treadmill.  At least it’s something…

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