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Yaktrax, DueNorth traction devices for running in snow, ice aren’t foolproof

I've been running outside all winter for a couple of years. Traction devices help get me through.

I hate the treadmill with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. And before I was informed about running outside in the winter safely, I would slog along on the dreadmill for countless boring miles each winter. Continue reading


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Kiddo’s crash, road rash and burn on Bike the Drive

Today we kicked off what we had hoped would become an annual family tradition of biking along Lake Shore Drive. We never dreamed it’d end up with a crash and the little one saying she never wants to bike again. Continue reading


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Don’t be mad at Jay Cutler; it’s harder to admit injury than keep going

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler at a press conference earlier this season.

Chicago Bears fans are angry this morning, the day after the Green Bay Packers whopped them on their home field to clinch the NFC championship title. And their anger seems to be focused on injured Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cutler hobbled off the field early in the third quarter with an apparent knee injury.

People all over Chicago, on Facebook and Twitter are calling him a wimp, using other words that I won’t repeat here.

But I’d like to take the opposite stance: I think Cutler did the right thing. Continue reading

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