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Stupid is as stupid does: My stupidest injury to date

Doing jumping jacks to stay warm during a pit stop along Bike the Drive. Stupid.

Usually my injuries are just dumb luck. The one I have now is because I was just plain dumb.

Bike the Drive 2011 was particularly chilly this year, and our little one was cold. To warm her up, we did jumping jacks. Continue reading


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Kiddo’s crash, road rash and burn on Bike the Drive

Today we kicked off what we had hoped would become an annual family tradition of biking along Lake Shore Drive. We never dreamed it’d end up with a crash and the little one saying she never wants to bike again. Continue reading


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Dear Gu, why can’t I poo? Digestive issues with energy gels

I realized I was bonking at rest stop three during the Tour de Cure. The BF helped me re-energize.

[Please forgive me for being dark these past couple of weeks; travel has made it difficult to stay on top of blogging. I have several I’m working to publish ASAP, though! Thanks for reading.]

Pooping is something everyone does, but no one talks about. So be warned: I’m going to talk about poop in this post. Continue reading


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