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Yaktrax, DueNorth traction devices for running in snow, ice aren’t foolproof

I've been running outside all winter for a couple of years. Traction devices help get me through.

I hate the treadmill with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. And before I was informed about running outside in the winter safely, I would slog along on the dreadmill for countless boring miles each winter. Continue reading


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Hello, shin splints. Are you telling me it’s time to buy new running shoes?

Stretching does a body good, especially if said body is injury-prone.

I’ve picked a hell of a goal race for coming back from my latest injury — a half marathon in Chicago at the end of January. Continue reading

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Stupid is as stupid does: My stupidest injury to date

Doing jumping jacks to stay warm during a pit stop along Bike the Drive. Stupid.

Usually my injuries are just dumb luck. The one I have now is because I was just plain dumb.

Bike the Drive 2011 was particularly chilly this year, and our little one was cold. To warm her up, we did jumping jacks. Continue reading


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Beware the clipless pedals. They’re more efficient, but they’re dangerous (at first).

A Roscoe Village Bikes staffer teaches me how to use my new pedals and shoes.

My cyclist husband-to-be got me clipless pedals for Christmas; he’s been trying to get me on that bandwagon for nearly a year now. I resisted, thanks to my clumsiness, but it’s hard to say no when they’re wrapped up so nicely!

He also got me some pretty sweet triathlon shoes, but they were too small for my big ol’ clown feet. (It turns out Pearl Izumi apparently doesn’t make cycling shoes for women with size 10 feet. Hmpf.) Continue reading


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Should I run barefoot to reduce injury? Others are

More people are running barefoot. (credit: JohnKochmanski,

There’s been a lot of hype recently about running naturally, the way the human body did when we were trying to catch prey (or, more likely, to keep from becoming prey).

The DePaul graduate students I help the Huffington Post’s Craig Kanalley teach have inspired me to look more deeply at a topic that’s always interested me: barefoot running. Continue reading


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Do as I say, not as I do: Donate your shoes

My old running shoes sat in the dumpster after I threw them out.

[Editor’s note: I was away on vacation and it was so expensive to use the Internet, I had to forgo blogging for a week. This post is what I finished up from a March 28 draft. Thanks for checking in while I was away!]

I have had a particularly bad year when it comes to the injuries. Last May I had hip surgery, after which I fell off my bike and got some gnarly road rash, and then I sprained my ankle when I got the all-clear to run again.

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I was tying my shoes wrong. Who knew?

The shoe on the left is the correct way to tie your shoes -- so the bow lays across, in a perpendicular manner.

With my nagging foot pain, my doctor told me to get a new pair of running shoes, even though my current pair weren’t yet spent.

So last night at 7:15, I booked it over to Fleet Feet at Piper’s Alley to get a new pair before they closed.

I got more than I bargained for — I got a lesson in how to tie my shoes.

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