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Learning how to swim online; good or bad idea?

The "Mr. Smooth" desktop application is supposed to show novice swimmers proper technique.

The internet is good for a lot of things — finding recipes, shopping, banking, mapping your runs when you’re not hurt and many, many other everyday tasks. It must be good for learning a new sport. Right?

(If you said, “Yes,” to yourself, tell me if you still agree after reading this post…)

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How to jack up your iPod

Homemade waterproof mp3 player

A homemade waterproof mp3 player is a sure fire way to waste money.

(Update: I let the iPod dry overnight and it worked fine this morning. After I told someone at work that, she told me about this nifty trick: Place wet electronics in a bowl of dry rice. It soaks the liquid right up.)

The original headline to this post was going to be, “How to make your iPod waterproof at home.” Since that’s not the headline, you can guess what I’m about to write: Continue reading


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Aqua jogging: A primer

aqua belt

I wore this size small aqua belt to jog in the pool. I had to make it extra tight to keep it from slipping up!

As a runner who is injured, and has some significant races lined up this year, the last thing I wanted to do was spend time in the pool. First because I am not really a fan of swimming, and second because it means I must be pretty hurt.

Well, hurt I am. So it wasn’t without some effort that I lost my aqua jogging virginity today. Continue reading


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