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Ugh. The Mrs. Me is injury-prone too (Hot Chocolate 5/15K race report).

Two reasons to celebrate: 1. Chocolate. 2. I made it to the finish, narrowly missing another running injury.

I had high hopes for Kirsten Ankenbrand’s first run. Her first race was the Hot Chocolate 5K — a short one, because, well, she’s a new runner and the maiden version of herself was still working back up in mileage after May’s injury. Continue reading


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Stupid is as stupid does: My stupidest injury to date

Doing jumping jacks to stay warm during a pit stop along Bike the Drive. Stupid.

Usually my injuries are just dumb luck. The one I have now is because I was just plain dumb.

Bike the Drive 2011 was particularly chilly this year, and our little one was cold. To warm her up, we did jumping jacks. Continue reading


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Not where I thought I’d be: Chicago Marathon, foot injury updates

Having the doctor hand me this piece of paper in May was devastating.

Tonight, after I walked out of my podiatrist’s office with tears streaming down my face and a new doctor’s note in my bag, I realized something both liberating and terrifying: this is when the real work begins. Continue reading


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Aqua jogging: A primer

aqua belt

I wore this size small aqua belt to jog in the pool. I had to make it extra tight to keep it from slipping up!

As a runner who is injured, and has some significant races lined up this year, the last thing I wanted to do was spend time in the pool. First because I am not really a fan of swimming, and second because it means I must be pretty hurt.

Well, hurt I am. So it wasn’t without some effort that I lost my aqua jogging virginity today. Continue reading


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One step forward, two steps back

At my second day of bootcamp Friday, I hurt my back about 15 minutes in. It was unpleasant.

I had run the mile warmup, done the walking lunges across the basketball court and was almost finished with my frog jumps when I landed and all of a sudden couldn’t stand back up.

I walked it off. Or so I thought.

I continued through the workout, lifting weights and all that jazz. But by the end, I couldn’t run the sprints. And so I opted to do ab work while everyone else ran their brains out. I could barely get up off the floor.

After heading to the chiropractor Friday, pain killers, muscle relaxers, ice, jacuzzi time and plenty of good old fashioned rest, I am still shuffling around and sitting/standing back up like I’m nine months pregnant.

I skipped the bootcamp class today. It’s every Monday and Friday morning from 6 to 7. But I still went to the gym: I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes and spent another 15 in the jacuzzi, followed by 15 minutes of ice.

I’m headed to the chiropractor again today — I hope to be in good enough share to at least be able to bend over or sit properly. Fingers crossed.

Until I’m fully recovered, though, I’ll continue to take it easy and walk on the treadmill.  At least it’s something…

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