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The MRI results are in; my foot is F’d

After an MRI revealed a "hidden" stress fracture, I'm back in the walking cast.

Before jetting off to sun myself on a Caribbean cruise last week, my podiatrist had me get myself an MRI.

I did it on Thursday, and begged the technician to have the doctor give my doctor a “wet read,” which is a rough draft of the results, so I’d know what I was dealing with while I was away.

Needless to say, my luck is crap. So the MRI clinic’s doctor was unable to get in touch with my doctor before I left on Sunday. So I went about my merry way, tossing my small stiff-soled boot into my suitcase in case my doctor was able somehow reach me in the middle of the ocean and tell me to hop back in the boot.

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Stress fracture = gone. MRI = on its way.

Reading about the foot in Runner's World magazine at the doctor Tuesday.

It has been five weeks since my stress fracture was officially diagnosed. Five weeks of low-impact work outs. Of immobilizing shoes. And of pain and mishaps.

So why, when I went to my podiatrist last night and he told me that an X-Ray revealed that my stress fracture had healed, did I end up crying softly to myself in the bathroom after my appointment?

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