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Let’s hope the 3rd shot’s the charm. I miss my running play list!

The top and bottom of my right foot were swollen and red after a June 10 injection.

I’ve been to the foot doctor more times than I can count this year. So many times that I’ve learned to stop being hopeful for good news. (It’s sad, but true.) Continue reading

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Hello doc, goodbye cast! What now?

This is the face of a woman who had a good visit at the podiatrist.

After my big doctor appointment today, I headed home, had dinner, did some chores and cut my toenails. I was lucky I didn’t cut myself — it was very odd to not have feeling in my third and fourth toes.

I couldn’t feel that small area on my right foot, because my doctor injected me with a medicine to kill the tip of my pinched nerve. (That numbness will only last about 24 hours.) Continue reading


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My broken foot and pooped piggies: The diagnosis, treatment

My MRI revealed three more foot issues. This is a cross-section that shows my foot from the front.

When my doctor phoned me on the tail end of my vacation a couple of weeks ago to tell me I had two more injuries in my right foot, I thanked him before I hung up and choked back the tears.

Those tears came flying out after I got the full diagnosis and prognosis in his office several days later: a sesamoid stress fracture, bursitis and a neuroma. Continue reading


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