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Not where I thought I’d be: Chicago Marathon, foot injury updates

Having the doctor hand me this piece of paper in May was devastating.

Tonight, after I walked out of my podiatrist’s office with tears streaming down my face and a new doctor’s note in my bag, I realized something both liberating and terrifying: this is when the real work begins. Continue reading


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Hello doc, goodbye cast! What now?

This is the face of a woman who had a good visit at the podiatrist.

After my big doctor appointment today, I headed home, had dinner, did some chores and cut my toenails. I was lucky I didn’t cut myself — it was very odd to not have feeling in my third and fourth toes.

I couldn’t feel that small area on my right foot, because my doctor injected me with a medicine to kill the tip of my pinched nerve. (That numbness will only last about 24 hours.) Continue reading


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Right or wrong? It’s OK to wear a race shirt you didn’t earn.

The Race to Wrigley 5K is on April 24. I worked out in the race shirt on April 20.

I’m hurt. I’ve been hurt since December, and before that it was for more than a year.

When I signed up for this year’s 5th annual Race to Wrigley 5K, I didn’t know I was hurt. And since I’ve been diagnosed with two stress fractures, I forgot that I had signed up for the race.

Until, that is, I received my packet in the mail on Monday. Continue reading


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My broken foot and pooped piggies: The diagnosis, treatment

My MRI revealed three more foot issues. This is a cross-section that shows my foot from the front.

When my doctor phoned me on the tail end of my vacation a couple of weeks ago to tell me I had two more injuries in my right foot, I thanked him before I hung up and choked back the tears.

Those tears came flying out after I got the full diagnosis and prognosis in his office several days later: a sesamoid stress fracture, bursitis and a neuroma. Continue reading


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The MRI results are in; my foot is F’d

After an MRI revealed a "hidden" stress fracture, I'm back in the walking cast.

Before jetting off to sun myself on a Caribbean cruise last week, my podiatrist had me get myself an MRI.

I did it on Thursday, and begged the technician to have the doctor give my doctor a “wet read,” which is a rough draft of the results, so I’d know what I was dealing with while I was away.

Needless to say, my luck is crap. So the MRI clinic’s doctor was unable to get in touch with my doctor before I left on Sunday. So I went about my merry way, tossing my small stiff-soled boot into my suitcase in case my doctor was able somehow reach me in the middle of the ocean and tell me to hop back in the boot.

Continue reading


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Stress fracture = gone. MRI = on its way.

Reading about the foot in Runner's World magazine at the doctor Tuesday.

It has been five weeks since my stress fracture was officially diagnosed. Five weeks of low-impact work outs. Of immobilizing shoes. And of pain and mishaps.

So why, when I went to my podiatrist last night and he told me that an X-Ray revealed that my stress fracture had healed, did I end up crying softly to myself in the bathroom after my appointment?

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Aqua jogging: A primer

aqua belt

I wore this size small aqua belt to jog in the pool. I had to make it extra tight to keep it from slipping up!

As a runner who is injured, and has some significant races lined up this year, the last thing I wanted to do was spend time in the pool. First because I am not really a fan of swimming, and second because it means I must be pretty hurt.

Well, hurt I am. So it wasn’t without some effort that I lost my aqua jogging virginity today. Continue reading


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