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Do as I say, not as I do? Set a good example for kids instead

This is one confident new bicyclist! (youtube.com)

Maybe you’ve seen the viral video posted on YouTube – it’s of a boy who rode his bike by himself for the first time.

He struggles for how to describe it.

“I feel… I feel… I feel… I feel… I feel happy of myself,” he exclaims. Continue reading

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What makes for a good triathlon coach? I’m tri-ing it out.

I've been told a coach doesn't need to be the best herself, she needs to know what to look for in others. (Creative commons; army.mil)

I’ve been learning the fine art of triathlon coaching since January from my friends at Well-Fit Triathlon & Training center.  I say “art,” because I think a person could read all the books in the world on science, fitness and health, and not know how to approach a given athlete’s needs. Continue reading


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Hurt? Volunteer for races like #SF10, meet your Twitter friends

My new Twitter friend Brady (@bgervais) and I (@fmyinjury) met up to volunteer.

When I moved to Chicago in 2004 for grad school, I knew exactly zero people.

This, of course, was both before I discovered I liked running and before the micro-blog/social media sensation Twitter. Continue reading

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Coming soon to a swim team near you

I am beginning to really like swimming!

Swimming has saved my athletic life. I’m sure it sounds just ridiculous to say it that way, but it’s true.

After several months of stress fractures, bursitis and a neuroma in the foot, it would be understandable if a person slipped into a deep depression, crawled under the covers and canceled his or her gym membership. Continue reading

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Path to becoming a swimmer: (Olympic) trials and triumphs

I want to be a real swimmer one day. (credit: Jon Fravel, flickr.com/photos/jfravel)

When I strolled into the pool on Monday morning a little before 6, I wondered why there were so many people in the water — as in, so many I had to (gulp) share a lane for the first time ever.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “Mondays must just be busy swimming days.”

I did my warm up, looked up, and noticed some guy writing some stuff on the white board. Then I realized that everyone else was paying attention to that writing.

(Uh oh.) Continue reading


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I took an adult swimming lesson and I’ll do it again

This swimmer seems to have breathing down. I'll get there one day. (Flickr.com/Sir Mervs, Creative Commons license)

[Editor’s note: I’m still not ready to blog about my doctor’s visit. It’s depressing. I’ve got five more weeks in the cast. I’ll be ready soon, I hope.]

After my stab at learning to swim properly from the wonderful world wide Web, I decided to sign up for a private swimming lesson at my gym.

When the instructor, Antonio Santoro, contacted me and I — of course — Googled him and found out that he’s some sort of international swimming sensation, who also still has a standing record at SIU, I freaked out. Not gonna lie. Continue reading

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Learning how to swim online; good or bad idea?

The "Mr. Smooth" desktop application is supposed to show novice swimmers proper technique.

The internet is good for a lot of things — finding recipes, shopping, banking, mapping your runs when you’re not hurt and many, many other everyday tasks. It must be good for learning a new sport. Right?

(If you said, “Yes,” to yourself, tell me if you still agree after reading this post…)

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