Your Injuries

I’ve met a lot of people recently who are or who have been hurt doing the athletic feats they love. We’ve all learned something about ourselves mentally or physically when we’re hurt. Let’s learn from others too.

Read about your/their/our injuries below:

What a pain in the IT band (how I erased it with PT exercises)

[Editor’s note: Today’s post comes to you from guest blogger Tal Kopan. If you’d like to write an injury-related post, message me on Twitter. Thanks!]

Hi. My name is Tal. I’m an athlete, and I have trouble accepting my weaknesses.

I recently learned one of my weaknesses is my IT band.

By way of introduction, I’m a medium distance runner and am working toward a first triathlon, but I consider that my off season. First and foremost, I am an ultimate frisbee player. Continue reading

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Wear a bicycle helmet, save your life

My boyfriend didn’t start wearing a bicycle helmet until about two years ago (full disclosure: me either). If he still practiced that unsafe habit, on July 17 he might have wound up in the morgue instead of the emergency room. Keep reading →

2 responses to “Your Injuries

  1. Here’s my worst! And thank god I was wearing a helmet!!

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